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Faith at the Summit Videos

There are some excellent videos, “Faith at the Summit” with Mark Dowd at the website of Operation Noah.

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  1. December 10, 2009 at 11:43 am

    UCANEWS reports:

    Children’s Response to Climate Crisis

    As world leaders discuss ways to check climate change in Copenhagen Dec.7-18, children of a Jesuit-initiated green movement in Bihar have already chalked out an action plan to counter global warming.

    The Patna-based “Tarumitra” (friends of trees) has already gained global attention after its member Yugratna Srivastava recently addressed the United Nations.

    The ninth grader from St. Francis School Shamli in Uttar Pradesh spoke at the opening session of the summit on Climate Change at the United Nation’s headquarters in New York on Sept. 22.

    Srivastava and her friend Shweta Marandi are networking with members of the movement to promote ways to save energy across India in their attempt to save the nature.

    Marandi, who was elected as the “hero of the month” by the United Nations, studies in Mount Carmel School, Patna.

    The green movement that Jesuit Father Robert Athickal began some two decades ago has mostly high school students as members, who campaign on the need for protecting the nature.

    The plans the two girls chalked out include popularizing the use of Compact Florescent Lamps and Light Emitting Diodes (LED) lights in homes and institutions. The two student leaders met on Nov. 15 at Tarumitra Ashram along with hundreds of their friends from Patna schools.

    The students agreed to campaign to have an Energy Monitor appointed in each class to see that no electricity or water is wasted during school hours.

    The also plan to impress people to avoid electric illumination of homes and institutions at festivals. Such decorations in temples, churches and mosques are “desecration of God’s universe than as acts of devotion,” the students said in a note.

    Tarumitra also suggests students must prefer vegetarian to non-vegetarian meals since meat production is energy intensive.

    They also want every member to plant at least a tree every year and urge others to do the same. Trees alone are capable of sinking all the extra carbon in the atmosphere, they noted.

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