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Time Magazine on the Climate e-mail Controversy

In its latest issue of Dec 21, 2009, Time magazine presents a “Spotlight” on the climate e-mail controversy, claiming that “Climate change advocates are right on the science – but skeptics may be right on the politics”. Obviously, there is a strong political lobby in the USA to downplay the importance of the climate change crisis – Mss. Sarah Palin being a good example. On 100 US citizens, so claims Time, only 46% are convinced that the climate change crisis is a real problem. 36% see no problem. 18% are not sure. This is very worrying, given that the number one country on the list of those who have to act urgently and decisively, is the USA. Why are the numbers what they are? Is it because people are not sufficiently informed? Is it because vested economic and financial interest try to misinform them? Is it because they are not capable to face the gravity of the situation and the consequences for their lifestyles? In the USA, this certainly is a major political issue.

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  1. December 13, 2009 at 5:22 pm

    Is it because we Americans have heard variations of this apocalyptic drivel from Liberals many times in the past and it’s a crap?

    Americans don’t believe Liberals because you lie constantly but poorly. We can easily see your real goals by just looking at the measures your sort want to enact to “fix” the problem and what measures you won’t even discuss.

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